Customer care & faq

1. How does Friends of Meat work and where do we source your meats?

Friends of Meatworks every day to prepare the freshest meats and marinades. The meats are all processed in a cool room. Also, Friends of Meat has a quality control process in place, to secure the meat you are receiving and follows very strictly the Food Safety Regulations established by the New South Wales Authorities.

Friends of Meat has partnerships with Aussie farmers and wholesalers.

2. How do I become a Friend and what are the benefits?

To be our Friend is very easy, you just need to insert your data in the form

The advantage of being a Friend is that you can organize a frequent orders to be delivered to your home. You can choose the frequency of the delivery, choose the quantity of meat and you can also define the types of meat you want in your delivery. In addition, you can modify the deliveries at any time you desire.

For example, James has a family of 4 to feed and they like beef and pork. So James organized a weekly delivery of 3kg of beef and 3kg of pork of their favourite cuts. As a result, he knows that every week his family will receive a box of these meats.

The best part – No trouble or losing time in supermarkets! Parking! Queues! And if it’s raining? Oh no!

3. Which days of the week will Friends of Meat deliver to my neighbourhood?

Friends of Meat is proud to recognise its limits and will attend initially only the Greater Sydney region. There is a timetable for deliveries by postcode
If you are not at home, we can still leave your box at your doorstep or any place you specify on your order. And don’t worry, as your box is transported in a refrigerated van, it is sealed for security and packed with a special frozen type of ice.
The box can support up to 4 hours with the inside temperature in a safe zone.

4. What is the maximum time that I shall keep the products in the fridge?

Each meat has a particular shelf lifetime. Our products have a label with specific dates of consumption. As you are probably aware, if you store it in the freezer, it will last longer.
Our advice is to consume in one week so you will have the freshness and flavours at their best. 
Otherwise, please freeze it.

5. Does Friends of Meat care about the environment?

Certainly, we do. That’s why we package our meats in vacuum recyclable plastic bags and deliver them in recyclable cardboard boxes. In addition, we only use friendly chemical environmental products at our warehouse.

6. Does Friends of Meat have a return policy? And what about a privacy policy?

Yes, we do. Our priority is to bring to you, not just meat, but also happiness. 100% satisfaction is our main goal! If there is any problem with your order you will be refunded or you can use your credit for your next order. 
All your data is secure in our system and it will not be shared, sold, rented and will not be used in any other way anywhere.